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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Another knock off!

My talented husband has done it again! I found this awesome 
Shelving unit on Birch Lane. I really wanted this just wasn't sure where I could put it!  I've decided that I have a furniture problem! Maybe it comes from working in a vintage store where talented ladies find pieces that most people would turn up their noses at and create something new.  
Then there are shops like Pottery Barn & Birch Lane Joss and Main with their gorgeous designs and furniture you never knew you wanted until you see it! 
 Right now the shelves are a bit sparse until I can discover those perfect pieces to display on it.  In the meantime I am enjoying this lovely piece.
He also created the headboard for our guest room . I think it looks amazing! 

Unfortunately it's going to be a while for any new creations,  my husband has a back injury which is putting him out of mission for a few months until he can have surgery.

 In the meantime I am checking out fun stuff like this on Pinterest. Pallet sofa table ! Love!