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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hello again, it's been awhile! 

We've been quite busy , but not the fun kind of busy, unfortunately.
 My husband has been suffering with his back for almost a year. 
Due to a series of unfortunate events he wasn't able to have surgery 
for quite a while. He thought he was having chest pains one morning while we were at our home Endless Summer. 
I wanted to head to head to the local hospital but he didn't "think" 
it was a heart 
we were heading home that day. So he wanted to wait until we were home.
Yes I know I probably should have  insisted.. Men

When we arrived home we dropped of doggies and went straight to the hospital
surprisingly he was taken in right away , thankfully no heart attack.
After he saw a heart specialist , the doctor found one tiny blockage 
but felt it wasn't worth the risk of a stint yet.
 He continued to have pressure and pain and finally ended up with the stint anyway.
A couple weeks later he was saying he was still feeling the tightness in his chest.
He was scheduled to have his Cpap machine which was about 8 yrs old checked out at VA . 
Turns out the Cpap wasn't producing enough output of air when he wore it at my causing him to breath harder. causing , you guessed chest tightness.
They replaced his machine and he's been fine ever since. However,
his back decided to go south. Caused by an old injury from work,
he was getting worse and worse. 
He was ready to have surgery but one problem. When they place a stint they also put you on Plavix, a blood thinner...
Which his cardiologist wouldn't let him come off of.. 
He was almost wheelchair bound. We ended up purchasing one of those walkers with the sit on because he just couldn't walk more than a few feet without sitting down.
My 6'1" husband was was bent over like a 100 yr.old man! After much discussion between us I made appointment for him with the cardiologist. 
I told my husband his dr. needed to see him  how much he had deteriorated since he had seen in Feb. It was now first of Aug. I wanted the dr to visually see how bad he was.
Stunned the dr. authorized his surgery and allowed him to come off the blood thinner.  He had his surgery , however he suffered massive muscle loss in his butt and thigh on the right side. His surgery went well but now the weakness in his muscles caused another issue. 
We decided to sell our little cottage by the sea , because it was requiring more work than he was now able to do. Frankly we hadn't been up there hardly at all in the past year.
We said our last goodbye to our little cottage in December. The people who purchased it LOVED IT   and were trying to get us to sell the house with everything in it. Yeah, not happening! I had plans to buy another home , either build it or buy one being built by builder. 
After checking with Hiline homes we discovered it was too involved to work with them! You have to have someone else prep the land, order all utilities brought in , provide porta potty etc. Before they will start, then YOU have to paint the house inside and out , you have to finish any decks , driveways.. etc 
We didn't want to physically, and literally build a house. We wanted to watch someone else do it all!!
In the end we went with a great builder who was building a new home 1 block from beach access. We've been able to pick out our colors, granite , door styles, flooring. the only thing I didn't get to pick was the color of my cabinets because he had already purchased them in a medium grey... hmmm hoping this works out.
The cabinets look pretty dark under this plastic...
I will be posting pictures as we get them. We're hoping to get up there soon to sneak a few pictures and measure windows!
In the meantime Terry is doing better, still having PT to build his strength up in his legs , but it's all good.! Until next time TaTa!

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