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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another DIY project

For this DIY project  wanted a a beachy round table for our cottage, so I started searching for something round that would work between the 2 couches. Everything I loved was $400.00 or more....

Finally I happened on this cute table from Overstock, bonus I had a coupon so it cost just 109.00 ! Score!

I didn't mention to my husband that I wanted to paint & distress it. When it arrived I explained what I had in mind, he didn't say anything but quickly went to work.

 Since it came un-assembled  he used liquid sand to remove shine, then painted it with latex satin finish color I had chosen. He wasn't particularly careful as I planned on distressing it when he was done. He assembled it and I took over.
 Once it had dried , I used med grind sand paper block and went to work sanding, allowing the original finish show through in spots.

I just love how it came out!  For a 109.00 purchase price for end table using paint we already had we have a table that looks really high end for a fourth of the cost!
Here it is finished and up at the beach~  

I am currently working on another project , unfortunately I didn't think ahead and removed all the old material and didn't think to save it to use as pattern.  
It sat in the in the garage for 2 yrs until we decided to redo our bedroom. Once again it came out to the light of day and finally started getting it's make over.
 Since I am almost at the finishing stage I will show you where it is at this point.
 A couple of things to look for when redoing at chair carefully remove old material to use as pattern.
I would also suggest choosing a chair that has a decorative element that allows you staple or tack each side, it would be a lot easier than this chair. I ended up machine stitching the top and hand sewing the rest of the top half of the chair because it narrows..sigh ...  forgot about that part.

The lower half this chair I was able to use my hubbies staple gun yay!  At this point I am adding the cording in same material 
chair,  it is not perfect but  it works for me.....
below is an example of easier back rest to do.

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