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Sunday, August 25, 2013


   Trying to furnish a vacation home can be a little daunting. Furnishings that I would love have in our little beach getaway are in one word EXPENSIVE!
  One has to be creative to create the look and feel without breaking to the piggy or charging credit cards sort of defeats the calm and tranquil vacation if you have to worry about the how you're going to pay the bills!

  My husband and I have a fondest for vintage pieces , having said that, I wanted something colorful and fun for our  beach house.  

     While I crave having those gorgeous slip covered white linen couches that Pottery Barn is famous for and the beautiful fluffy pillowed beds with duvets so luxurious they are also very expensive :(  It is not practical for us with grand-kids visiting .. 
   Ebay has been a big help for Pottery Barn bedding, I have found sets of  Pottery Barn bedding that was sold out on the site, that people have purchased when they had their clearances throw them on Ebay and find others had the same idea. This set was one I wanted for our guest bedroom, brand new Pottery Barn set for 110.00!! Still in original packaging. ( ugly lamps have since been replaced, came with the house)

  There are always bowls of  snacks on the coffee table/ game table  including the Yummiest Malted Balls I have ever had. The chocolate is thick and the malt ball is huge the size of a big jawbreaker! Which also means chocolate fingers, peanuts in the cushions ... you get the idea...
 So for now we'll keep using the leather couches we have, but that doesn't mean I can't have some of the other things I adore!  This cute beachy looking accent table I found after a extensive search  the original one I found was a whopping $400.00!  This one $114.00 on Amazon prime free shipping!

    I present to you an alternative to save you even more money! Joss & Main  has this little cutie for $55.95 right now on their site with free shipping! A small can of paint and liquid sand paper and you could have a knock off without the expense!

Here is a pretty cottage side table someone posted on Pinterest,  the person was wishing she could own that table.  can you say designer piece ...expensive?

On Joss and Main I found this table on it's website today for $55.95
It is not exactly the same , but has similar lines and would be adorable painted pink and look just as charming, don't you think? there's lots to see on the website and SOME AWESOME steals  here's the web address

Joss & Main has been a place I have shopping online now for several months. I have found tons of beach type items as well as lots of other goodies. They gather items all together with names like Industrial Inspirations ,Divine Decor 

Have Fun!!! Susan

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