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Thursday, November 13, 2014

We're still waiting to get back to the beach!

Back in May we had a pipe burst under our kitchen sink , in our main residence. 
Let me just say this , I do not know how people stand living in their homes during major remodeling projects! 
Our tale started off with a massive water flood under the sink. 
My husband and I scrambled to clean up the water poured out everywhere! We have manufactured wood floors so water is not your friend! I grabbed my carpet cleaning machine to suction up the water , which worked actually really well . My husband set heaters that had running for the next 4 days just to make sure things dried out. 
We thought were good , then about 2 weeks later we started noticing buckling of the floor in a area several feet away from where the water had been! 
Called our insurance company, TIP OF THE DAY! most of the time these things are covered by insurance if you call right away!  Servpro came out and turns out water was sitting under the  dishwasher was pushing water out under the floor and as we walked we were pushing along the floor even further!

 So new floors right? Wrong! Cabinet was water logged, cabinet that housed sink and dishwasher would have to be removed and replaced.  Cabinet people came in stated that cabinets were European specialty order & oh goody no longer made! So now we would have to have all new cabinets! 
Our granite counters were only a couple of yrs old  so we were hoping they could be saved? Nope , they broke ! 
So after 3 full months we have a brand new kitchen , thank God our insurance covered it !  Here is a little peek of our new kitchen new pictures to follow.  As you can see Teddy is ready to to head to the beach!!

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