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Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's finally Done!!

Our gorgeous new kitchen is finally done! It is amazing how much damage "hidden " damage water can do!  One the floor was removed around the sink and dishwasher area , it was discover that water had seeped under the floor to the cabinets warping them as well. 

  After inspection underneath the house water had managed to find it's way underneath there too. Good news was it was easily taken care of under the house with massive air dryers. 

 The kitchen cabinets were another story altogether. They had become warped, the drywall was damp behind it and had to be cut out so large portion of lower cabinets and wall were removed as well as the floor 

   down to subfloor. the kitchen was completely taped off with industrial vinyl sheeting , heavy fans and dehumidifiers ran 24/7 for about 3 weeks!  Trying to dry out everything . It has to be bone dry before remodel can begin, not black mold please!!!! 

The inspection resulted in complete removal of all my cabinets ( they had been designer built no longer available) and couldn't be matched , my granite counters couldn't be saved, so I received a new kitchen!  Thank GOD for State Farm Insurance! Our experience went smoothly , our agent was great!   I can not say enough great things about the service we received! our service! My neighbor has another big named insurance  company  and is going through a nightmare for the same thing . 

My desk used to be 2 levels a high side and low side ,  now it's one nice level surface which I love! I swapped out the 2 doors on each side for deep drawers for files and such. The cabinets above the desk only were 36" one full cabinet and the a half one . We went  with 42" cabinets and doubles! My wonderful cabinet builder suggested building the cabinet over the refrig out and adding slats so I could place all my oversized cookie sheets and baking pans in there instead of my over worked pantry! I love it!

The glass cabinets were my idea, I really wanted them! As long as we could add them and stay within the insurance budget, I wasn't paying anything out of pocket!  The cabinet over the sink didn't exist, for whatever reason the builder left it a empty space which always bothered me so I had a vintage shelf there. This was a perfect opportunity to add one! We decided to take these up to the ceiling . I have 2 !! ount them 2 pull out spice cabinets for all my spices! SCREAM! no more drawers stuff with spices everywhere! One is bottom right side of the stove the other right above next to microwave.

Backsplash was the only thing that was saved from original kitchen.   I wish I would have taken pictures of before but forgot. Our kitchen had white cabinets, with a nice granite. 

 The center island and the cabinet on the left side of this picture all are now drawers. I no longer have any cabinets except the upper ones and the one under the sink.  All the others are wonderful heavenly deep drawers that hold my pots, pans, electric skillets, mixing bowls, Foreman grill, Bella blender, assorted Corningware French ware & lids!

The granite is the most gorgeous stuff I have ever laid eyes on. 
It beyond anything amazing! It is white with bits of grays tan
has shades of  violet , blue, greens veiled by layer,of white iridescent  quartz so that you only get to see hints of color here and there. There a bits of black onyx with tiny shells the patterns of what looks likes ancient sand.  Serg,  our granite guy, does not have one seam in this granite ! NOT ONE!!  The way he creates his pattern is the craziest thing I have ever seen , it involves , long sticks that he glues together with a hot glue gun , but hey , NO SEAMS and it fit perfectly!  We love the finished kitchen and our new floors, my hubby repainted so it's like have a whole new downstairs. Since we were having the floors done we decided to take the new floors into the livingroom and dining room area , and I am happy we did. I love the way it turned out too.  I and had been wanting to turn  the dining room into a real dining area so this was the first step in getting that done. 
 Well I've chatted long enough , next time I will show off my $150.00 dining room set !

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