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Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Husband's Newest Knockoff!

            Our cute little beach house has been getting neglected of late . Now that our remodel is finished it is time to turn our attention back to the beach house!   
  We inherited a lot of the furniture with our little house , much of it was in good shape. As people do,  we prefer to replace it with things of our own taste , which we have been doing little by little. 
   Our current coffee table is actually quite functional, not bad looking . The top slides open in the middle to reveal a nice deep space for stashing books ,games extra blankets etc.  and a lower shelf for additional storage which we use for our collection of board games. The problem is it's  size. It is just too big for the space when all the family is there to get around it. Measuring 45" by 24" which probably isn't all that big but with these oversized couches it is. Which we will be keeping for a while yet, it is tight!

Enter this cute table! This is Ethan Allen's version at a whopping $1598.00   ,which I am sure it's worth every penny !  Hand cut hewn wood from some forest somewhere exotic yada yada yada! I think artisans were thrown in there somewhere  

 Just not my budget ! Here is my husband's knockoff version! 

It is just about finished is just waiting to be giving it's top coat . SCREAM! I love it!   It's pared down size 34" by 22"  gives us back some valuable real estate around the couch I still have storage for board games!   Cost you ask?  
$140.00  total for wood . Our exotic wood was Hemlock , wood glue, nail brads, sponge brushes, minwax pre stain conditioner , minwax kona stain, minwax varnish.
For do it yourself projects this one went really well. I was amazed how quickly and easily he seem to make this one.   Hope you enjoyed this knock off! He's going to make another one for the den of our main home. I'' ll take WIP (work in progress) pictures next time. Bye for now~ 

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